Problem of ED arises to men when blood does not reach in sufficient quantity to their penis due to hindrances. Viagra win over those elements and provide proper blood inflow in the penile area. It works by relaxing penis muscles and expands arteries and contracts veins. Also it inhibits production of PDE-5 and secretes cGMP. This way blood supply becomes normal and a man is able to achieve hard and sturdy erection for sufficient time of about 4 hours. Generic viagra make men realize of his manliness.
Men are advised not to operate any machinery for next 6 hours after taking edegra, as this drug might cause dizziness, which ultimately will lead in accident. Consumption of alcohol should be completely avoided as it adds up to fallouts like drop in blood pressure level. Men above 60 should take edegra with doctor’s advice only. Sildenafil Citrate does not safeguard against diseases like HIV, thus take protection for them on your own. If erection sustains for more than 4 hours go to a doctor without delay. These set of precautions will never take you long in consuming edegra and will provide healthy sexual life.